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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

6 months May 23, 2016

well i hit 6 months this week haha i dont have a lot to say this week either but im doing good and its still cold and now a little rainy anyways this week we taught nolberto twice and watched the whole Joseph smith movie with him now i think he understands who joseph smith was and what he did but it was super good we should baptize him next week if everything goes as planned but anyways last week we went to the port again for pday and there were a ton of sea lions and they are ugly as sin haha anyways it was super fun and the waves were huge out on the walkways and we got soaked haha but it was super fun, also the other night we had a ping pong tournament with the ward it was super fun but i suck haha but i will try and get better anyways its fun down here and today we are going to sierra de los padres with the zone so it should be super fun anyways god speed everyone
Bought this suit at a garage sale for $30.00

At the ocean!
He love to take pictures with this face!!!!

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