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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Another Week in Bolivar Sept 6, 2016

Well ive forgotton alot of what happened this week haha we taught a ton and they were good lessons im teaching more because i told my comp that i also needed time to teach because i wasnt getting much time to teach, anyways we were at jesus lopez´s house and he works on semis so he is always greasy and dirty and he said he walked into a store and preteneded to be a begger and took his hat off to collect money, he said it was just a joke but someone gave him money haha, the other night we walked past the fair thats goin on and we saw the argentine rodeo and we saw them riding bucking horses and they ride them so different here they wip them to buck and they only jump up with there front legs so its super weird but it was cool, we went to the zoo today and it was fun and we saw lots of animals and yah i dont remember to much this week
church we are trying to get our investigators to come but they just wont and its stressful because we have like 18 in total so it would be awsome if they all came and our little church house would be full thats all i want

Elder Pitcher

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