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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bolivar 7-24-16

Well i super good week in the great white south, this week we found 6 new investigators so that was good, anyways on Monday we were in Olavarria and we went to the straight ghetto and skate park and played basketball, there were kids break dancing and listening to biggie smalls, and just straight up hood music on the corner the corner of the court, then some kids came and asked if we wanted to play ball, they were all tatted up and smoking while they were playing, haha we destroyed them and i stuffed them so much haha, they were like these north americans can jump hahah. i was so sore after cause its been so long since ive played.
Later in the week we were walking down the street and heard someone whistle at us, and we never look at them because usually they mess with you but we decided to look and this guy waves us over to his shop and he starts naming book of Mormon prophets, he is from the northern part of Argentina and moved here 17 years ago and always went to church up there, but was never baptized and he didn't know there was a church here, so we have been working with him lately. he works on semis and big trucks haha hes sweet.
Another funny thing that happened this week was we were walking down the street at night in one of the ghettos and we heard a bunch of kids yelling and what sounded like a ton of people running, but it was just to kids bombing down the street on a horse chasing dogs haha. also we saw some people with like 10 greyhounds all chasing rabbits in a field ahha these people caught a ton of rabbits with the dogs, anyways thats it for my week it was a good one. 

-playing in the hood
-peanut powder
-the sketchy bridge
Elder Pitcher

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