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Monday, July 18, 2016

8 months baby!!!!!

well i hit 8 months today its crazy how fast time flies, anyways we went to tandil this week and it was good it has a mountain so that was good to see, anyways this week was good, we went to this guys house we have been teaching and the last time we were there we invited him to read and pray about the church, this guy used to be into drugs and then he wanted to change so he went to some camp and stopped, anyways he read and prayed and said he got an answer and he was super excited and went and told his mom and his wife and he is awesome haha he thinks my last name is funny, the other day he had to leave and he asked if we wanted to teach his wife while he was gone and we told him we cant be alone with girls and he then said ofçh ok thats good i dont have confidence in pitcher haha then he laughed and gave me a look haha he is supercool though.Crazy thing this week we were walking and we see this dog on a metal roof running but sliding down then he all like 10 feet and whimpered and ran off haha it was so funny though i felt a little bad but it was funny anyways love you all and PB for life💀Elder Pitcher

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