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Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

well it was the fourth of July this week and we made some BBQ chicken it was super good, anyways this week we had a dog follow us everywhere and all the other dogs would just beat him up and he didnt care at all, he was bleeding a ton and all he wanted was us to play fetch with him so we did but he didnt care about the other dogs or nothing, im not a fan of Argentine dogs they are so greasy and gross haha, anyways on Saturday it was independence day in Argentina so we went out side and there was a huge parade, there were so many gauchos on there horses and they are weird they wear TOMS shoes because they are Argentine i guess and its weird but not a whole lot happened this week we've been contacting alot and its been warm lately like in the 60´s its so nice but yah its awesome here, the other day we ate like 20 hotdogs haha it was gross hahh anyways god speed every one

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