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Monday, July 11, 2016

July 4, 2016 Happy 4th

Happy 4th everyone we are doing good in the great south, anyways we have been working super hard here and i super tired at the end of the day but i sleep good at night, the the other day i knelt down to pray to start language study and then i woke up a half hour later haha ive never fell asleep praying before but i was super tired haha anyways it has been raining alot here and alot of the streets are dirt and really muddy now, i need mud boots out here ha, anyways this last week i went to bahia which is about 4 hours away for paper work for my visa and like always then send you by your self, i dont understand why but i went there and i was gone about 2 days and i was 3 days without shaving haha i had a beard haha it was bad, anyways i went there and signed my name twice and then i sat in the office all day and talked with some elders there and it was pretty cool but yah it was fun and i think that all that traveling is catching up on me now because im super tired but its good, nothing crazy happened this week only rain and mud, anyways enjoy your 4th of July every one, i think we are gonna make BBQ chicken to celebrate today, love you all so much and i miss the PB🌲💀
Cake Nathan made....said it was gross! ;)

Found some hotdogs and said they were gross also. haha

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