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Monday, July 11, 2016

June 27, 2016

Well the new area is sweet its very chill here people are nice they let you in and its awesome haha, mar del plata every one had fear of us that we would rob them and it was bad, anyways we are teaching a ton and we walk a butt load the other day i took my ipod that has a step counter and we walked 16.85 miles it was a long day haha but its fun and we contact a lot here and the people listen, anyways im in olavarria for pday because tomorrow i leave for bahia blanca for passport stuff again, me and my comp get along good, i dont know a whole lot about him yet but hes a good teacher and we work good and hard. i was gonna send photos this week but i left my camera in the house but anyways all is well we mainly just taught lessons all week so that was fun, love you all and god speed
Elder Pitcher

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