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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Conferance Oct 4, 2016

Well conference was good i had to watch it on a members cell phone in the back of the chapel in English so that was good that i got to hear it in English and understand alot more than i could have, but i loved it and i love Thomas s monson he speaks with power and ya i love conference and we got to watch the priesthood session at like 9 to 11 in the night so that was good, im excited to read the talks now, i read every single talk from last conference it was my goal to finish all of them before this conference so that was good, right now we are in olavaarria and with the other elders, we went on splits last night and it was awesome I was with 2 super new elders like they have 2-3 months and they are both Americans so it was fun to have to be the example in Spanish and in teaching we had 2 lessons and each was pretty good.
Also in one session of conference we had a mom dad and there son so it was cool, also i had a day this week where i felt the saviors love stronger than ever and it brought me to tears it was awesome and i have a testimony that he loves each and every one of us and knows each and every one of us but I love the lord and his prophets and apostles and I'm happy to be here
Elder Pitcher

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