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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Transfers came Sept 12, 2016

Well transfers came and me and my comp are staying here in bolivar to baptize haha, im excited to be here though, this week was kinda slow we had lots of lessons fall through and that sucked and we didnt have an investigator in the church its been 11 weeks that weve had an investigator in church and this was the first time in a long time since thats happened, anyways i have a crazy story, so some kid came up to us and asked to use our phone he looked normal and happy and ive seen him at an investigators house a few times so i gave it to him, then he called his mom and started screaming and yelling and crying and swearing saying someone robbed him and all this other stuff and he wanted the money $1500 pesos and this went on for 20 minutes and he said he was gonna burn the house down and all sorts of stuff it was awkward because we were standing right there and listening to everything, anyways he finished his call and gave us the phone said thanks and shook our hands, then later that night his mom called us and apologized and the kid must have said we were missionaries and she thanked us for our kindness and she felt really bad though, she said it was something to do with marijuana and something bad happened and he was in trouble, and then she asked are you the Mormons so i said yes and she said when i see you i will thank you personally so we will contact her when that happens haha anyways thats about it for this week i finished my first journal in the mission so thats exciting always here photos from last week at the zoo

Elder Nathan Pitcher

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