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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bolivar Sept 19, 2016

Well this week was good and we had some good lessons and the weather has been allover the place here it changes every day now, and we are making our way into spring, well we went to this ladies house and she was saying she never lets missionaries in her house but she let us in and she said its god telling her something so hopefully we can teach her more and baptize her and her family, anyways we were contacting one morning and i was getting really frustrated because every time i was talking or starting a contact my comp would cut me off and i was about to rip him a new one there in the street but then i decided no i need to humble myself so i did, and then we went to a less actives house and me and him talked a ton and he asked me about the temple and i finally got to talk to someone and my comp was quite and it was awesome even though it wasn't much it was a huge blessing to me and i know it was because i humbled myself and did what the lord wants of me so it was awesome and also this week we had 2 investigators in the church so that was awesome also i hit 10 months in the mission its so weird how fast its gone by and i feel like i haven't even started yet but I'm still getting the hang of things here in the mission but its an awesome experience and i love it even when days are long and hard but i get through them because the atonement of Christ but love you all and send me pictures of everything, because i love photos so much🌲💀

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