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Friday, October 21, 2016

Bolivar Oct 17, 2016

Well another good week in bolivar we had our first meal with people so that was awesome but this week was kinda slow i feel like but it was fun we went to the park with a member and ate choripan its like brats and they are really good and then we had some lessons this week, one of our investigators is in a court case right now and he was telling us a while back that they are liers the other people saying that he had a gun and everything and it was multiple time he went over with a gun and he said it was all lies and then the other day he laughed at us and said ok i did have a gun the first time but the rest are lies and the judge knew it haha but he is funny he used to be a druggy and then he went to a camp and read the bible and started believing in god and he has changed a ton since we met him and he knows the church is true but he isn't married yet so thats what we are working on because they want to get married but they have to fix some things because they dont have much unity in the relationship and yah, this week was pretty normal though so yah thats about all that happened for me this week
Elder Pitcher

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