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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bolivar Oct 11,2016

Well this week was a good one and well we are 11 days into the new rule that we can eat with members and we haven't ate with not a single one yet haha, also all the sister missionaries have to wear pants now in our mission for mosquitos and the elders got to take off there suits coats and all our mission is allowed to wear sunglasses and hats so i think i might just wear sunglasses in the morning when the sun is in my face. anyways yesterday we went to olavarria again and it was fun i got to see Hermana estrada from my mtc district because she came to teach us about church visitor centers so it was cool, then me and another elder went and tanned on the roof haha we are so white now me and elder vance went up there haha.
Anyways this week we had a good lesson with some investigators and they had some friends over that started to listen and we gave the family the pamphlet for the next lesson and explained a little bit of it, and then there friends asked if they could have one to so we gave them a pamphlet of the restoration and a book of Mormon and taught them how to pray, now we just need to start teaching them, also I have a new goal and it is to study Spanish better so I can find there needs because its hard to find there needs when you don't understand them completely so i have been studying Spanish really hard the last week.
Hermana Estrada
Elder Hansen and Elder Vance

t-shirt I had made and knife I bought

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